Our History

GDMeds history


GDMeds.com was founded by Dr. Liya Krish and Mr. Vincent Cooper.

Dr. Liya is a medical doctor and is still engaged in medical and research work. The original intention of starting up GDMeds stems from Dr.Liya’s previous experience. She has ever worked at several regions and countries in medical work. In her daily work, she has contact with many cancer patients, and see the anti-cancer medicines are too expensive to afford by most patients. Dr. Liya hopes to help these patients through her own efforts.

Since 2014, she started her business aim to help patients to purchase reliable and cheap generic anticancer medicines, and later facing increasing demand, Dr. Liya hopes to help more people with a more efficient way. Mr. Cooper, her friend, is good at e-commerce.

In 2016, they have co-established e-store to facilitate patient access and purchase via internet.

In 2018, they move to GDMeds.com, position on Pharmacy service platform, not only to link the patients, but also connecting manufacturers, pharmacies, drug importers and exporters on the other side, and integrate both of supply and demand sides with efficient mechanisms to remove the most unnecessary cost during the supply chain. In this cycle, on the premise of guaranteeing quality, as far as possible to provide patients with affordable prices.